Take-out & Delivery are available!

New Moon Customers, We appreciate your ordering from our restaurants. Please help us by ordering from our New Moon website, we have our own ordering system which we do not have to pay any commission to anyone and we get to keep 100% of our sales. This will help us greatly during these tough times for our industry. *** For San Marino location, we offer free delivery up to 2miles and the minimum is $25.

Homestyle cooking

traditional Asian flavors re-imagined

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Fundraiser for your Organization



Restaurant fundraisers to raise money for 501(c)(3) organizations such as charities, nonprofits, and school clubs. A percentage of the proceeds raised from the meal is donated back to the cause that hosted the meal.  Your friends, family, and community get an excuse to eat a delicious meal with each other. Fundraising at New Moon Restaurants is truly a win-win scenario!


A fundraising event can be held between Monday thru Wednesday, and we kick back 15% of all the receipts collected from the guests you invited to participate** (**A flyer must be presented)


Email us for more details!


Montrose Location: / Pook Hastanand


Valencia Location: / Nikki Petersen


Buena Park Location: / Scott Praun 




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