Contemporary Chinese Cuisine

New Moon


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Established in 1953

New Moon has been passing down their traditional Chinese dishes for 3 generations. Finely curating each recipe into something more modern and contemporary. Come and experience our freshly updated Chinese cuisine for the American palate.

Homestyle cooking

traditional Asian flavors re-imagined

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Happy Hour!

Bar & Lounge


Montrose - Valencia - Buena Park


Weekdays: 5p.m-Closing  


 Weekends: All day long!


*Menu & Prices are subject to change without notice*


*Menu will vary at different locations*






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Restaurant fundraisers to raise money for 501(c)(3) organizations such as charities, nonprofits, and school clubs. A percentage of the proceeds raised from the meal is donated back to the cause that hosted the meal.  Your friends, family, and community get an excuse to eat a delicious meal with each other. Fundraising at New Moon Restaurants is truly a win-win scenario!

A fundraising event can be held between Monday thru Wednesday, and we kick back 15% of all the receipts collected from the guests you invited to participate** (**A flyer must be presented)

Email us for more details!

Montrose Location: / Pook Hastanand

Valencia Location: / Nikki Petersen

Buena Park Location: / Scott Praun 


Full Bar (Montrose | Valencia | Buena Park)

Extensive Selection of Wine, Beer, & Cocktails